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he "likes" to occasionally date you, but doesn't want to commit himself to one relationship, and you "want" a deeper committment, I think I'd tighten up my heartstrings a little, and find another guy, even if it takes awhile. Dates are informal and casual and not involving heavy-duty romantic activities such as dinner in a restaurant and flowers. I did casual dating at the beginning of my college years. If you "love this guy tell him your feelings go further than he might think they do and ask him how he actually feels about you. You are commited to no one, and they are not commited to you unless and until you have a conversation dictating otherwise. Or, better yet, find another guy, and still date him once in awhile. Once I found a guy I really liked, it was serious dating and no longer casual. Casual dating is fun, as you can go out to different places with different people.

What: Whats casual dating yahoo porvoo

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Anonymous 1 decade ago 0, thumbs up 0, thumbs down, comment. It can be what people do at the beginning of a relationship while they break the ice and get to know each other. It is usually the way people get to know each other, to see if there could be a relationship. It can also mean that you aren't steadily attached to anyone. Best Answer:  It is when you just go out for fun, maybe a tad of romance, but no commitment. You are both free to date anyone else, until and if you just want an exclusive relationship between the two of you.

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    Best Answer: It is when.

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